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Listening to ourselves and others


To truly feel listened to is an empowering experience. It means that you feel understood and accepted. But for a person to really be heard, you need to know how to listen. That means building trust, being curious, holding a space for their story, being comfortable with difficult emotions, and making sure they feel that their experiences are worth sharing. We spend as much time as possible with people in their environment, whether that’s in a hospital, neighbourhood or organisation. By shadowing people while they live their lives, and having in-depth conversations with them and their social networks  we can build up a holistic picture of the people, places and services they interact with on a daily basis. We will use ‘clean listening' to create a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that present themselves. That means not listening selectively, but making sure we am being open in order to get a complete picture of the situation.


Through this process we identify  and build meaningful relationships with people who need to be part of the journey, so that the solutions we eventually develop are both impactful and sustainable. 



Telling personal stories

We tell stories to make sense of the world and to share that understanding with others. Showing the world from a new perspective allows us to see it through different eyes. We transform personal experiences and insights from research into engaging stories. It brings people, places and situations to life and shows that we're not just dealing with data and numbers. We are then more able to identify the changes that are needed, and the opportunities that will enable us to make them.








Sparking imagination 


It can be difficult to imagine what a better world looks like when you're restricted by old structures and beliefs. But by facilitating a collaborative design process with all stakeholders involved, and bringing in innovative ideas from around the world to spark inspiration. Through a process of creative imagination we will overcome limitations and visualise your ideas for a better world.







Creating together

To truly make an impact, ideas need to work for everyone involved, and that means involving everyone to make these ideas happen. By testing ideas together in a manageable way with with real people in real life situations, we can make sure that we develop something that works for your specific situation and has the impact you'd like it to have. We will also develop a set of tools to help you bring your ideas to life, and put the structures in place that are needed to let them thrive.

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