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"I enjoyed getting lost into the story as I was eating. It was a slow process of discovery. I feel that the story is going to stay with me.”

Comfort Food


Collaboration with Fan Sissoko

Role: Co-founder

An intimate experience combining audio storytelling and dining

What does love taste like? What about fear? Or relief? You order your meal from a menu of carefully curated feelings. You start eating, and you start listening. You hear a stranger’s voice. They tell you about the food you are eating, what it means to them, and how the memory of it makes them feel. By the end of it, are they still a stranger?

‘Comfort Food’ brings people’s emotional food memories to life. It builds on the old age wisdom that food brings people together. If food is a powerful social connector, can it also be used to trigger empathy between two individuals with radically different life experiences? ‘Comfort Food’ aims to remind us that, in what is often described as the age of loneliness, eating can be a powerful act of social intimacy.


Visit the Comfort Food website

The journey

Are you interested in a customised dining experience?

We are working with different partners to deliver Comfort Food experiences. We are always looking for new opportunities, so please do get in touch. 

Comfort Food at the Migration Museum UK

You can currently see Comfort Food at the new Migration museum project's exhibition 'Room to Breathe', where we share stories around the theme 'resilience'. 

Supper clubs for the National Trust London

For the National Trust London's latest exhibition 'Home away from home: the India Club', we ran a series of supper clubs. We created immersive evenings for diners to learn about the rich social history of one of the city’s most fascinating community spaces: The India Club. The supper clubs let you experience the personal stories of people who have called this place 'home' throughout the years with all your senses, while sharing memories and stories with your fellow table companions. 

Comfort Food in Lockdown

A podcast telling stories about what food means to people all over the world during the pandemic. If you want to submit a story, go to our Comfort Food website

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